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Rich Shearrow

Vice President

Realtor®, Educator, Dedicated Husband, and Puppy-Dad

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My approach to serving clients is centered around my beliefs.

I believe that great real estate choices can enhance the lives of every person.

I believe that “future-planning” your real estate choices can build generational wealth.

I believe my role is to educate and to provide accurate information, so that my clients can make those great choices.

I believe it is my responsibility to continually expand my own knowledge, so that I may pass it on to others; making it a mission and goal to learn at least one thing new about real estate and markets every day… and I haven’t run out of things to learn yet, 15+ years in!

I believe that EVERY CLIENT deserves proper attention, accurate data, and access to the education to make great choices … regardless of the size of his or her budget.

I believe that real estate ownership and investment is one of the greatest wealth-generators in American history.

I believe that few opportunities are “found”; but rather most are “created”.  The Roman philosopher Seneca proposed that “Luck is when preparation meets opportunity”.  I would paraphrase it a few steps further and propose that “Good fortune occurs when preparation, education, common sense, creativity and decisiveness meet opportunity”.

NEW-BUILD Neighborhood Spotlight

Evans Farm

Evans Farm is a wonderful community in southern Delaware County. Ohio

Built around the concept of New Urbanism, Evans Farm’s developers have incorporated walkability, parks, entertainment, schools, retail, and so much more into this community.


With numerous options to build, with many approved builders, Evans Farm is certainly an up and coming area to consider for your next home.

We would be more than happy to discuss this community with you, and help determine if this fits your lifestyle and goals

Knowledge is Power

It is our belief that the client should have as much knowledge as possible to make smart decisions.

Our approach is “educate/not sell”.  We know that we don’t like to be “sold to”, so we have taken the approach to provide our clients with the best education and advice we know how to give…. then let the client make an informed decision based on their personal situation.

Much the same as the new-construction homes that we help clients build…. this website is continuously “under construction” as well.
Check back often for updates!